IUI Treatment

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Unlike in the previous years, there are a lot of couples nowadays who are having problems in child conception. These can be brought on by so many factors, most of which are associated with the health of either the male or female partner or even both. Because of this occurrence, several types of assisted conception have been designed. All these methods have the important characteristic of facilitating the fertilization of the egg by making sure that the sperm is able to get in contact with it. One of the most widely used methods is intrauterine insemination. This is in fact the much simpler of the many assisted conception techniques applied to couples who desire to become parents.

Intrauterine insemination is more commonly called as IUI treatment by medical professionals concentrating on assisted conception. The term implies that the sperm is sent through the uterus through an artificial process than the natural sexual intercourse. It is considered as a kind of treatment mainly because it aims to solve the problem of infertility or due to a low sperm count by the male. It is also possible that even if the male has enough sperm count, its mobility may not be adequate that it could not reach the egg. The treatment would ensure that the sperm gets to fertilize the egg.

There are cases when fertility drugs have to be employed prior to a IUI treatment. Doctors would decide on this if they discover that one of the major reasons why a patient doesn't get pregnant is due to infertility. The prescribed drugs will have to be used for a specific period of time before the treatment could be made. If the woman is provided with the said drugs, the process is meant to stimulate ovulation. This also means that the female may become fertile even if it's not yet the time based on her schedule.

With stimulated ovulation, IUI treatment can be carried out only after fertility drug prescriptions are taken by the patient. The treatment could be performed anytime when the male and female partners are ready. However, if the woman doesn't undergo a stimulated ovulation, then she and her partner may need to wait for her natural ovulation cycle to happen. It's only in these moments when she and the male partner can start with the treatment procedure. The doctor should be able to find out if a woman needs to have stimulated ovulation or not.

In the IUI treatment, the male's sperm sample is in fact injected into the uterus. Before this however the sample has to be chosen first. It ought to be the healthiest and the most motile so that the chances of fertilization are also at the optimum. This particular procedure actually takes a short time. However, what can allow it to be possibly longer is if the doctor would call for taking fertility drugs first. It often takes time for the patient to complete the fertility drug prescription schedule. After thus she then can go ahead and undergo the treatment proper.

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